Puzzles are a great way of learning geography!

These puzzles are of differing levels of ease. 

Score yourself! 

Solve them yourself or with others — friends, family, your teacher, or anyone. 

Geography as it should be … interesting!

This crossword puzzle is particularly for students of G.o.D, Geography.over.Distance. The challenge is to solve it without using the “reveal letter/word” tool, even though it is enabled. But you don’t have to be a student of G.o.D. Go ahead and solve it.
In today’s puzzle the answers are names of countries. Each clue gives you some information about the country. This puzzle is best attempted with adults and children working together. Find out more about each country after you have finished the puzzle. Let us know your feedback […]
Today’s puzzle is in response to some of my students in the online geography course, Geography.over.Distance. They demanded a challenging puzzle because they found the earlier ones ‘too easy.’ This is one of the many reasons I like these young geographers! This time, I am collecting […]
Earth is a live, vibrant system … never still … there’s always something going on. Change is everywhere. They say, “You never enter the same river twice!” This is a metaphor for Earth as a system. Today, you get to find words relating to physical geography […]
‘News’ (also called ‘current events’) is the ‘first draft of history’. Today’s (current) events are what we will later call ‘history.’  As with any story, history cannot be told without geography. Geography (space, place) and history (time) form the context for any story … real or […]
Younger children have been showing an interest in some of these puzzles. So, we are starting a new series for them: Geography Junior Puzzles (GeoJP). Parents (or other care-givers), siblings, etc. can solve these puzzles with the children and share the thrill of solving them. We […]
Thanks to the quarantine / lockdown, we have all become islands in some ways. Today, we look at the concept of islands and almost-islands in geography. When you’re surrounded on all sides by water, you are (on) an island. If you are almost surrounded by water, […]
Greetings! Here’s something for you to work on today. If you are a student, you probably find it difficult to understand the whole latitude/longitude drama! If you are a teacher, you probably find it difficult to make these pesky lines interesting!  The syllabus/curriculum is, of course, […]
Toponyms A toponym is the name of a place. (Topo place; nym name) Every toponym has some kind of story behind it. In today’s crossword puzzle, you will be exploring a few toponyms in India. You can turn on the ‘error check mode’ to track any […]
Here is a word puzzle that puts a twist on some basic geography concepts and facts. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that geography is boring! How to play: Click on a letter and drag the cursor to cover the letters that spell out the […]
You are used to geography quizzes, right? What is the capital of … Name three rivers … and so on. Boooo!! Down with those kinds of quizzes, I say! You are more capable than just memorizing things. Yes! This quiz is not about recalling, but about […]
This time, two puzzles for you. Work on these with your friends. If you have seen another person whom you don’t know, but would like to get to know, you can make friends with them using these puzzles. Invite them to join you in solving them. […]
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