‘News’ (also called ‘current events’) is the ‘first draft of history’. Today’s (current) events are what we will later call ‘history.’  As with any story, history cannot be told without geography. Geography (space, place) and history (time) form the context for any story … real or imaginary.

Geography is often called the chorological science — the study of phenomena as they relate to Earth-space. It is also called the spatial science — spatial is the adjectival form of the noun space.

Studying current events is a very good way of learning how geography plays a role in so many things. My high school geography teacher, Sri B Narasanna, is the first person who taught me how to connect geography with the news. (Follow the link to learn about him.)

You can look up the origins of these italicized words in a dictionary. Knowing the origins of words (their etymology) helps us understand our vocabulary better.

In today’s quiz, I give you clues from current events. Based on these, name the places to which these clues are connected. Some may be more obvious than others.

Remember, just acing the quiz is not enough. You need to do research and find out more details about the clues I have given here. Doing this will help you improve your internet or book research skills and to make connections among geography, history, and a host of other areas of knowledge.

Remember, have an adult (a parent or someone) with you when you go searching on the net!

Make it a regular habit to follow the news. When you are learning about the news, have your atlas handy and locate the placed mentioned in the news. Then, try to find out why that place is important for that news story.

Share this page with others. Solve the puzzle with others. Time yourself and see how long you took to solve it.

Let us know your feedback on this puzzle in the response section below.

  • Which clues particularly stumped you?
  • Which clues were very easy?
  • What resource did you use to find answers to difficult clues?
  • If you send us your feedback, be sure to include your name, standard, name of your school, and location of your school.

We would love to hear from you.


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Featured image: The late actor Mr Irrfan Khan, courtesy Wikipedia


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