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If you are a student, you probably find it difficult to understand the whole latitude/longitude drama! If you are a teacher, you probably find it difficult to make these pesky lines interesting!  The syllabus/curriculum is, of course, no help at all. What to do?

Take advantage of the lockdown and look at these lines from a different point of view. This is a multiple choice quiz. If you stop with this, you are missing out on some great learning.

Each question and the answer to it should help you think of other geography questions. When you are able to ask good geography questions, it shows that you are understanding concepts well. The score on the quiz is only small measure of your geographical skills. The follow-up geography questions that you ask are the real measure!

Let us know about your experience with this puzzle. Even more importantly, let us know the geography questions that came to your mind from any of the quiz questions. You can post these in the response section at the end of this post.

As always, share this quiz with others as appropriate!

Some YouTube videos for you about some of these lines (the links open in a new tab):

Here are interactive sites to learn about these ‘imaginary lines on the surface of Earth’ (links open in a new tab):

Also, see these earlier blog posts show you connections between these lines and other things (links will open in a new tab):

Featured image: The equator, marked, as it crosses Ilhéu das Rolas, in São Tomé and Príncipe

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