Accepted abstract, IGYS-2022

Author:  Chi. Utsav Modi, Chi. Tanush Rai

7th Standard, Vidyanjali Academy for Learning, Bengaluru

Every day, when we come to school we feel very unpleasant to see dirt and garbage all over, from Kankanagar (Bengaluru) to our school, in Chola Nagar. We see many people polluting roads by throwing garbage which leads to clogging of drainage. This can cause many issues related to health. Is this affecting the people who are using these roads?

Garbage on roads is clogging drains. Due to heavy rainfall in recent months, the rain water has no place to go.  This has caused flooding. Sometimes, we are late to school due to such problems. And the whole day gets upset.

What suggestions can be taken from the people to resolve this issue? Well, we have found a few answers:

  1. Restrictions on dumping garbage on the streets,
  2. Educating people about the clogging of drainage, and
  3. Filling the potholes on the road.

The clogging and flooding of roads is really dangerous causing accidents and the water filling up in people’s houses and damaging their property and it affects the animal life too . Who is responsible for this and how can it be resolved ?

We the people as well as the government are responsible for this because the government is not planning in construction of proper roads and drainage. We, as tax-paying citizens of a democratic country, have the right to use good roads.


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