Accepted abstract, IGYS-2022

Author:  Kum. Suhashini S

9th Standard, Vidyanjali Academy for Learning, Bengaluru

What values do we learn from a farmer? What are difference between the life of people living in urban areas to  that of people living in rural areas?

My grandparents are farmers. I have grown seeing them working in fields.

A farmer’s job is not a profession; it’s a need, and in order to fulfil the needs of our country we have to be healthy.  This is what I learnt from my grandparents as farmers.

When I visit them, I find them working hard in their field to fulfill our needs. This needs a lot of hard work and physical fitness. They spend most of their time working.

They have hard times to cope with climate change. Natural calamities are the worst.  Low and extremely high rainfall are a huge problem too.

When I talked to my them about their problems, they told me that they don’t have enough money to buy many things due to which they face many problems. NEVER BE SELFISH because once the farmers start being selfish we will die; this is the most important value we get from a farmer.

When I was one, I was shifted to Bengaluru. I know that I was too young to notice the changes but the continuous shifting made me realise the changes. One major difference I  found after years, was that people living in urban areas go through a lot but have freedom and peace which we the people of rural areas lack.


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