Juliat S.

Bharatidasan University, Tiruchchirapalli, Tamil Nadu.

I create an imaginary nation named Neath (Greek; meaning “new land”). Neath is an imaginary land fabricated from new techniques and tools in geography which involve the smart nation techniques where people are empowered by technology to lead meaningful and fulfilled lives in interaction with the environment. The various methods followed for the innovation include: The fundamental concepts of cartography, remote sensing, GIS, image interpretation and digital image processing, analysis and modeling of geospatial data, surveying, questionnaires, field sketching, measuring, photographing, interviewing and observing, Government websites, articles, and statistical data.

Neath is a role model nation to other countries for applying geo-technologies and making geo-awareness with acquiring geographic resources, exploring geographic data, analyzing geographic information, and acting on geographic knowledge. This model helps to make better environment and cultural features in geospatial way of thinking. Through this model, I attempt to show a nation implementing geo-literacy.

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