Anirdesh Y S

Class 9, Deccan International School, Bangalore

We share planet Earth with other life-forms. However, we have the most drastic impacts on it. An attitude of superiority over other life-forms is at the root of many of our actions. We caused the city expansion, deforestation, and started depleting the forest resources. This caused the animals to barge into the urban areas and start attacking us.

Professor Heidi J Nast says in the abstract for her plenary presentation,”Throughout the world, these inequalities are increasingly life-threatening. To ensure human survival, we need to build a more generous kind of citizenship space that takes into account all life.”

In this project, I tried to find out the kinds of understanding and attitudes people at my school have about animals and their nature. I interviewed students and teachers using a series of scenarios and how they would react to each. I also asked them the reason for each of their reactions. I also took help from People For Animals-Bangalore.

I took surveys and interviews of 20 people in my school for my Paper. I got intriguing answers from people about animal rights and wildlife. I have put my data in graphs and maps. This will give a detailed background of the answers. This will also give a detailed view of the problems caused and some solutions to go with it. This will show the view of the people in the scenarios and basically a whole idea of my topic.

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