Leo Michaels and Kanishk Gokul.

Class 10, Homeschooling, Chennai

Water scarcity is a major problem these days. When we use water, most of it ends up going down the drain, then to various water bodies, and finally into the sea. Therefore, water scarcity is mainly its lack of re-usability and accessibility to clean water which is important for our daily needs.

The untreated sewage that we let into water bodies undoubtedly rebounds and affects us. We live close to the highly polluted Adyar River in Chennai. We had initially thought that the Adyar River was one of the most polluted waterways in Chennai. Instead, we found that it is one of the least polluted. The two most polluted waterways are the Buckingham Canal and the Cooum River, respectively receiving 60% and 30% of untreated sewage daily, while the Adyar River receives only 10%.

Garbage, debris, and sewage let out into the Adyar river from houses, construction sites, and institutions not only restrict water flow but also pollute the groundwater and the sea, affecting the marine life and us in the long run. We plan to get primary information from site visits to the river itself, and secondary information from people who have already done work on the Adyar river.

We present our study in the in the form of a documentary.


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