Vidya Shankar

Relief Foundation & CASCADE Family Learning Society, Chennai.

  • For: Teachers, home-schooling parents, and other adults.
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Maximum participants: 25

Dr. Montessori was an Italian physician and educator who created history by providing a much needed child-based approach to education that is also developmentally appropriate.

This presentation explains the scope and sequence of how geography unfolds in the Montessori way of learning. Each topic’s breadth and depth are dealt with from a child’s perspective. Each concept is presented as a story or an experience.

As children grow older, the collection of all facts, stories, and related maps are done with the children taking the lead. The role of humans in every stage of safeguarding Earth in its development is emphasized to engender gratitude in the child. The information is woven into material used by the whole class in the form of a presentation, a booklet, a set of cards, a map, or some combination of these. This multi-sensorial experience helps the learning to remain in the child’s memory forever.

Workshop participants will get real-time experiences with Montessori materials used to teach zoo-geography and human geography.


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