Akash Madisetty, Bindiya D., and Niveditha Sai S. K.

Grade 8, Vidyanjali Academy for Learning, Bengaluru

Transportation plays a vital role in daily life of people to travel from one place to another as well as to carry things from place to place. The most important need for the poor people to travel from one place to another place is public transport.

If you think that public transport is available in every area, then you are wrong. As we have observed in our locality, L.R.Bande, near R.T. Nagar, Bengaluru, there are no proper transport facilities.

People from our locality have to travel 2 km for the next bus stop and the auto station which is 1 km away. Most of the auto drivers refuse to carry passengers to the bus stop.

Though there are facilities (apps) to book a cab,  low-income people cannot afford the cost. Very few are even aware of the this technology.

We conducted interviews about this issue with the people who are in need of buses from
L. R. Bande to other areas of Bengaluru. They said they are facing difficulties to reach their destinations due to lack of buses. This is leading to a lot of mental and physical stress among the people.

Realizing the crucial need for buses especially to the poor people, we have written a letter to the BMTC (Bengaluru Mahanagara Transport Corporation) requesting them to increase number and frequency of buses in our locality for the convenience of the public.

We are waiting for the BMTC authorities response and hoping for the problem to be solved.


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