Bhavana L, and Bhoomika U. G.

Class 10, Citizens’ High School, Hoskote, Karnataka

To commute from one place to another, a basic necessity is good roads. Around our school area, the roads are bad. This inconveniences people in our locality.

The road leading to our school is very busy. It is a bus route. It is also  often used by farmers of nearby areas and is the only road to our school.

We surveyed people of different age groups who commonly travel on the road.  A large proportion of them were farmers in the nearby areas. They find it difficult to travel on these roads. Our school bus drivers worried that these roads are damaging the buses. Parents also raised concerns about the safety of the students while walking on these roads; children often fell into potholes and were injured.

The survey was open-ended to find out what different people thought were the reasons for destruction of roads.

The results showed improper gradation, improper compaction, impregnation by water, etc. as the reasons. We also noticed that roads were more prone to destruction during rainy season.

We also took respondents’ suggestions on how we could solve this issue.

We have written a letter to the Hoskote police station requesting them to manage the roads better and also made a team of few students to fill the potholes near our school with sand.


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