Harshini S, and Prakruthi D.

Class 10, Citizens’ High School. Hoskote, Karnataka

We carried out our survey regarding garbage disposal which is the main problem in our town, Hoskote. We that residents do not care about dumpsites. Municipal garbage clearance is very poor; their systems are outdated and inefficient.

Our study identified the environmental and health impacts of waste disposal on human settlement around a dumpsite. We surveyed residents of an area near a dumpsite.  The survey had two parts –

  1. Collection socio-economic data (e.g.: educational level, employment status); and
  2. Questions on dumpsite location, disposal methods used, and implications for their health due to the dumpsite.

We surveyed residents near the disposal site (mainly farmers and labourers; and housewives).

We also  surveyed people away from the dumpsite, but who dumped their garbage there. Many of them knew the ill-effects of waste aggregation near their areas and found it comfortable to dump waste away from their area, but were not able to articulate the effect it had on the people residing near these dump sites.

The farmland owners were more inclined towards using proper waste management methods than the laborers.

A majority of the rest threw waste on streets or drains. A lot of them were not aware of the effects of doing this such as dumpsite being the breeding place for disease vectors.

We shared the results with both residents near the dumpsite, and other people in neighborhood. We went from house to house educating them about dumpsite locations, their ill-effects on human health, and how to address this issue.

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