Accepted abstract, IGYS-2022

Authors:  Kum. Anagha B, Kum. Ashika Madisetty, Kum. Arfa Fathima

9th Standard, Vidyanjali Academy for Learning, Bengaluru

In this modern era of development, we are losing the space for growing plants. How can we make space for green life without interfering in the further development?  How can the new advanced technologies help in making new tools for growing plants?  Is it possible for us to have a garden in the apartments?

Our apartment complex is full of trees, a well-ventilated place with proper sunlight. It’s so cool that when we friends go down to play, we can feel the cool breeze that we feel is inviting us to spend some time with them. Every year, most of the residents plant a tree in the compled.  We love growing plants so much that our balconies are full of  plants. These wonderful plants give us serenity and relaxation.

However, the problem now is, there are many constructions happening in our apartment complex.  For this, they are cutting trees.

We thought terrace gardening is a good idea. But the apartment association rejected our idea as it would create problems such as water leakage. Talking to people, ideas such as chipping.

Now, we can start the implementation of terrace gardening in our apartment after the approval from the Association. We are working hard to get back the lost glory and beauty back into our apartment complex.


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