Accepted abstract, IGYS-2022

Author:  Kum. Aparna Sarma

9th Standard, Vidyanjali Academy for Learning, Bengaluru

In this modern era how can we inculcate the value of nature among people in their houses/apartments ? How can the use of architecture help in reduction of global warming?

Years ago, plants turned into trees, and my apartment is still breezy and young.  Heat increases Every day but our house feels cool and comfortable. I will never forget uncle planting little seeds, watering the plants and taking care of them.

My neighbor’s grandfather, spent hours working  on plants which have grown into magnificent trees. As kids, we loved to join him and help around. We would get all mess, mud would give us a huge warm hug and leaving the mark  of nature. Uncle would say “nature is beautiful, it marks us precious with soil to show a little love for the gift we give by planting. They will grow so big and blossom-filled that they will give us much more than we can ever expect.” Our apartment is now filled with beautiful flowers, tasty mangoes, and neem that smells beautiful. During hot sunny days, we all stay in the house and we don’t need any cooler as trees, with their canopies, block the sunlight and the heat. Plus the trees respire water vapor, which absorbs some heat in the surroundings making it cooler. Thus, our apartment stays cool.

One day, uncle shifted, taking the rest of the little seeds for the next place they go, bringing wonders of plants and beauty of nature to them too.


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