Bindushree R, Bamipriya R 9th Standard, and Dharani P.

9th Standard, Swami Vivekananda Rural English Medium School, Chandapura, Bengaluru

Travelling is a necessary part of our life. Many people in Bengaluru travel by Bengaluru Mahanagara Transport Corporation (BMTC) buses. Many others use private vehicles, adding to the pollution in the area.

We are going to study about the effectiveness of the routes and the frequency of buses along the route from Chandapura to Electronic City, the accessibility of people to these buses, and the effectiveness of the services.

Through this research, we want to find answers to the following:

  1. Are the buses reaching on the right time?
  2. What are the difficulties faced by the passengers while travelling in BMTC buses?
  3. What are the factors which prevents someone to take BMTC?

As the part of the research, we plan to:

  • interview BMTC passengers and some non-passenger,
  • observe the timings, crowd, and frequency of the buse,
  • draw a map showing the routes of the buses,
  • the availability of the buses at different timings, and
  • spread awareness among the public about the importance of using public transport.


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