Nikita Patil, Sangamithra S., Madhavan Kannan.

Class 8, Purna Learning Centre School, Bengaluru

We saw water tankers in our school and found out that our school pays money for that. We decided to find out what is happening in other places within our community.

We  conducted an oral survey with residents in individual dwellings, an apartment complex, retail shops, a restaurant, a club, and a factory – representing diverse requirements. We made direct observation of the place, its lakes, drains, then interviewed the Gram Panchayat Officer.

Our questions were aimed at knowing the source of water for different needs, the level of satisfaction of the residents, the effect on the environment, and how the situation has changed with time.

The need for water is met through private bore wells or private tankers.  Water in two small lakes in the region is used for irrigation at times. Packaged mineral water is the main source of drinking  water. People were satisfied with the quantity and quality of water, even though they have to spend extra for packaged drinking water.

Based on the experiential learning  of the old-time residents of the place, we got to know the level of water in bore well has dropped by 1000 feet or more; people were worried. Rainwater harvesting. water treatment, and re-use of water are done  minimally. In the absence of a drainage system, some of the storm water drains  running along residential streets  were clogged and smelling.

We may not able to depend on ground water for long, though not all people are aware. The Government thinks  Kaveri  water is a solution, though only time will tell.


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