The Indian Institute of Geographical Studies
Relief Foundation
Student internship application — 2013

Geography is one of the most exciting disciplines to be studying and working in! Do YOU want to be part of an exciting new effort to help school students see how rewarding a good geography education can be? For you and for them! Join us for an exciting, innovative, educational experience. Students from class 11 and above may apply

Greetings from The Indian Institute of Geographical Studies, Bangalore.

In collaboration with Relief Foundation and Shriram Foundation, we are offering variable-term student internships. Depending on the backgrounds of the applicants and the tasks they will perform, they may work in Chennai, Bangalore, or telecommute (work online).

The internships are open immediately and will be ongoing.

Among the types of applicants, we also seek students who are good with GIS, particularly using Q-GIS to prepare specific maps.

Students from class 11 and above are welcome to apply.

Please share the link to this page with whomever you think may be interested.

You may download the application (.doc) file here. Save it to your computer, complete it, and email the form to us. All instructions are in the document.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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