Nithin, Annal, and Joyrebecca

Class 8, ACTS, Nirmala Vidyalaya, Bengaluru

Health and hygiene are important for survival. The issue related to our everyday life is with toilets; whether its clean or not. School is the space where hundreds of students stay for six hours and usage of toilet is also frequent. Students tend to pay no heed to keep the toilets clean and infectious disease among the students are caused. Hence, after a point the toilets produce bad odour.  Students should also contribute to maintaining hygienic conditions. So, as a group, we have monitored the cleanliness and hygienic conditions of toilets in our school.

We monitored and evaluated the condition of toilets at our school, ACTS Nirmala Vidyalaya, Gattahalli, Bengaluru. The authorities also helped and inspired the children. Every day, toilets were cleaned with disinfectants (phenol, etc.), and running water. The toilets have been planted with saplings for beautification.

Constantly monitoring the toilets’ cleanliness making students a part of the process has helped us to improve  conditions. In school, we have given pamphlets and instructions students about cleanliness and hygiene of toilets. We have maintained a chart  to check on the timings of cleaning. Thus, through continuous monitoring and instructions, we have built awareness among students. We have also made several as a part of evidence and data for our research.

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