Navaneetha N., Poornima J., and Priyanka D.

9th standard. Bangalore English High School, Bengaluru

One of our team member’s father is a carpenter. In our neighborhood of Nagnathapura we can see many carpentry shops. This inspired us to know more about this work and why there are so many carpentry shops and also know about carpentry so we chose this topic. In our area the carpenters’ generally work on commercial and residential projects.

We visited many carpenter shops and industries in our area.

Carpentry is frequently a family profession, passed down through the generations.

Carpenters get their wood through a complex chain of supply, often from other countries. After various taxes, the carpenters make 5–10% profit, but usually no loss. Theye also face many health issues such as dermatitis, respiratory problems, and injuries.


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