Resource for educators on “The Plank Man’s geography”

Curricular linkages: (you may make more)


  • The nature of activity spaces and how different factors shape them.
  • Geographic access as a human right.
  • Civics, citizens, and geography – how they are interconnected.


  • Conversion of linear measurements from one unit to another.


  • Understanding of human rights, geographical rights in particular.
  • The part of the government that is responsible for ensuring and maintaining geographical rights.
  • Whom to approach regarding making spaces safe for disabled people. How to approach them.


  • Speak or write about the topic from other perspectives; e.g.: lawyer, a disabled person (blind, deaf, etc.), friend, care-giver, etc.
  • Use different forms (prose, poetry, script, etc.) to offer perspectives.


  • Why should we care about the geographical rights of disabled people?



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