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  • The “scope” information is just one way of looking at things. Ultimately, geography is connected to all aspects of this topic.
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Scope Title Source Notes
Basic information Ebola Virus Disease World Health Organization Easy-to-use fact sheet on Ebola. Also contains a data table about previous Ebola outbreaks.
Ebola Virus: How It Spreads And What It Does To You – Video The Guardian
Ebola Virus Disease Wikipedia Excellent teaching resource.
Wikipedia Emerges As Trusted Internet Source For Ebola Information New York Times Reliability of Wikipedia for Ebola information.
Cases Ebola Patient Ashoka Mukpo Is Now Virus-Free; Nina Pham Improving Los Angeles Times Cases from the USA
Spanish Nurse Free Of Ebola After More Than Two Weeks In Hospital The Guardian
In A Liberian Slum Swarming With Ebola, A Race Against Time To Save Two Little Girls Washington Post
GeographyGeographyGeography It’s Columbus Day. Let’s Talk About Geography (And Ebola). The Washington Post Map of distance from Ebola-affected countries to non-African countries where cases have appeared. Cultural impacts also discussed.
Ebola In Uganda: Why Can’t We Cure It? Where Does It Hide?Contagious Fever May “Hide Out” In Bats And Birds, Expert Suggests. National Geographic Resource on origin and transmission of Ebola.
Global Alert And Response (GAR) World Health Organization Maps showing sequences of the response to Ebola at a global scale. Teaching resource.
Why Is This Ebola Outbreak Spreading?The Deadly Virus Emerged In Guinea And Spread To Liberia And Sierra Leone. Can It Be Stopped? National Geographic Primer on Ebola, origin, transmission, control
Do You Know Africa? Washington Post Interactive map quiz to help you learn about the locations of countries in Africa. Helps to understand the state of one’s very basic knowledge of Africa.
The Unfortunate Impact Of The Ebola Outbreak On The Safari Industry Safaribookings Blog Some economic impacts of Ebola in Africa.
WHO: Nigeria Is Free Of Ebola But Must Remain Vigilant For New Cases The Guardian Report on WHO declaring Nigeria to be free of Ebola.
Ebola In Sierra Leone Increasing To Rate Of More Than 20 Deaths Per Day The Guardian Situation in Sierra Leone as of 21 October 2014
2014 Ebola Outbreak Maps Wikimedia Excellent teaching resource.
Ambulance Work In Liberia Is A Busy And Lonely Business New York Times Video resource. Also, links to other resources.
Finding Ebola’s ‘Patient Zero’ The Guardian Very poignant report on local impacts.
Fighting Ebola In Sierra Leone: ‘The World Is Not Safe’ The Guardian
Tracking Ebola In A Liberian Slum Washington Post
In North Korea, Fear Takes Hold Over New Foreign Threat: Ebola The Guardian
India Ebola Risk High For India: Expert The Hindu
Ebola Scare Raises Its Head In Mumbai, Delhi Indian Express Photo feature
How Would India Handle An Ebola Outbreak? Wall Street Journal
India To Step Up Travel Surveillance To Stop Any Ebola Outbreak Reuters
Ebola Alert In India: Are We Prepared To Tackle The Deadly Virus? India Today
Response Ebola Facts: What Is Being Done To Improve Medical Treatment In Africa New York Times Latest information provided in clear concise text and very informative graphics including maps. Also a great teaching resource for geography.
New Who Safe And Dignified Burial Protocol – Key To Reducing Ebola Transmission World Health Organization WHO guidelines on how to minimize Ebola transmission without loss of dignity for the dead.
Protection From Ebola: A Complicated Procedure Washington Post Infographic on how healthcare workers do their work with Ebola.
Is The U.S. Prepared For An Ebola Outbreak? New York Times Discusses concerns about Ebola coming into the USA.
Screening Travelers For Ebola Washington Post What a passenger arriving at Dulles (airport, Washington DC) can expect if he is coming from one of the countries hard hit by Ebola
WHO Aims For Ebola Serum In Weeks And Vaccine Tests In Africa By January The Guardian Serum towards preventing Ebola in future
Cuba Calling The Guardian The response from Cuba.
Cuba Leads Fight Against Ebola In Africa As West Frets About Border Security The Guardian The response from Cuba.
First Ebola Case In Mali Sparks Aid Mission By World Health Organisation The Guardian
Stigma Ebola For Beginners: Twitter Map Outlines Some Elementary Geography The Guardian Gaining a spatial perspective on Ebola in Africa, and fighting national stigma. Africa is a vast continent and the Ebola outbreak area is tiny.
‘I Am A Liberian, Not A Virus’: West Africans Hit Back Against Ebola Stigma The Guardian


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