Sheema Banu, Sanjeeda Khatoon, and Zahra Ansar.

Class 10, Crescent High School, Bengaluru.

There was a girl in our area whose marriage was fixed but on the day of the wedding the groom refused to marry her because the bride’s family did not give dowry.It is so sad to see that even today people are still prone to take or give dowry.

We want to understand the issue of dowry in our area.

Our hypothesis is that in our area people who have migrated from rural areas are more prone to dowry.

We surveyed various people about the problem. They said that it is because of illiteracy and unemployment, and that these people think of marriage as a business deal. People who do not have good economic conditions in our area treat dowry as a source of income.

We have to research about rural people’s culture of dowry, why do they think dowry is important for marriage. The geographical aspects related to this topic is migration and relationship among family and society.

We asked views from people of age 45-50 in which they supported giving dowry as they consider it as a part of marriage, their custom, and culture. We intend to find more about dowry system in our area and take actions to reduce the same by spreading awareness that dowry is illegal.


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