Aryan Ghai (Class 9), Ritika John (Class 8), and Areen Kaur (Class 8)

Army Public School, K Kamaraj Road, Bengaluru

Cleanliness is maintaining hygiene.

We conducted our project at Golden Jubilee, a housing society in Cambridge Layout, Bengaluru because the garbage was very troublesome, sore to the eye, and an invitation to many diseases. We noticed that the garbage was not being disposed properly . People were very careless about this issue.

So, to solve this problem we spoke to the Chairman of the housing society. We told him about the status of garbage disposal in our housing society. We were then granted permission to spread awareness in society. While spreading awareness we also encouraged the resident to start individual compost.

By creating awareness we were able to successfully reduce the garbage problem and now most of the residents have started individual composts.

Thus, we were able to spread awareness and reduce the garbage problem in our housing society. Therefore, we helped to increase cleanliness.

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