Samia Patel, Rishika Saboo, and Malaika Shankar

Class 9, Mallya Aditi International School, Bangalore

Clean water is crucial for human survival – for basic hygiene and modern sanitation methods, including wastewater treatment. Water important for every sector of an industrialized, transitional, and developing economy as it is an essential component for the production of many goods and services. Uncontaminated water is also important to food production and livestock health.

We have designed our presentation to show the water quality in our school, MAIS. We are testing water that comes from our filter as well the sinks.Our results will be displayed in our presentation. We have chosen MAIS as our case study because it is a big part of our surroundings and we drink this water. Hence it is a big part of our health too. Our objective behind choosing MAIS as our case study is to understand and analyse the water problems we face and hopefully we can do something about it.


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