Dharani K., Muskan I., and Preethi Y.

Class 9, Citizens’ English School, Bengaluru

Water shortage is a serious issue in the Tannery road area, north-east Bengaluru.  We face severe water shortage especially during the summer. One part of the story is the irregular water supply. Another is ineffective use of the available water.

In June 2017, we noticed water being wasted in our neighborhood . We took the help of teachers and classmates to find out about various ways to better manage water, e.g.: washing vessels with minimum water, stopping the leakages, rain-water harvesting, etc.

We surveyed people to understand how they manage the water available to them. We asked them questions about how much water they received, how much of it was used for day-to-day activities, and if they wasted water (e.g.: do they keep the water tap open when it was not required).

Our survey included different members of the households, shopkeepers, independent house-owners, buildings with multiple houses, etc. to understand who utilized the most amount of water. We realised that while women utilized water for household chores, the men utilized an equal amount of water to wash their vehicles, water their garden, etc. People from an independent household utilized more amount of water than the people living in apartments.

We realized that even during summers, when water shortage was at its peak,  people were not managing the water well. Nor were they aware of techniques used to conserve and re-use water.

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