Smriti Singh, and Dhanushree S.

Class 10, Citizens’ High School, Hoskote

We wanted to find out why is it so difficult to manage waste in our neighbourhood, in Hoskote.

We conducted a survey of 10 households, asking them:

  • Did they segregate their waste?
  • How did they dispose the waste?
  • Did they recycle anything?

The survey showed that the waste was never segregated even when they knew about wet and dry waste. The waste was sometimes thrown in sewage or burnt because there was no regular garbage collection. People recycled a few things – paper, plastic bottles, and old bags.

People relied completely on local civic bodies and did not take any responsibility for their involvement in the increase of the garbage menace. The local bodies, for their part, are not doing their job properly.

There were many suggestions and recommendations we got by discussions on waste management after the survey like reducing usage of plastics, installation of compost machines where wet waste generation is high, separate dustbins every 500 metres for wet and dry waste, etc.

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