Daniel Sundaram, and Joyce Jose

Geography faculty, Mallya Aditi International School, Bangalore

  • For: Teachers, home-schooling parents, and other adults.
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Maximum participants: 25

It is highly likely that many Geography teachers in India wish that schools and parents would look up from math and science books to realise that there is more to their child’s life than just being a doctor or an engineer.

The multi-disciplinary scope that Geography offers makes it tremendously relevant in our daily lives. Geographical skills are useful well beyond our schooling. Dealing with every major current global issue directly or indirectly depends Geographical knowledge. – from climatic change, sustainable development, resource management to travelling on a holiday, our food, clothes, and more.

Unfortunately, geography teachers never get adequate time and the resources. Add to this, the sword of ‘Board Exams’ and ‘completion of syllabus’ hanging over our heads. Worsening these are the outdated syllabus content and mundane methods that we are forced to follow due to lack of time. Education must enable students to be prepared for an ever-changing global scenario.

To address the above, we attempt to create a platform where ideas can be experimented on and exchanged.

Geography is meant to be learnt in a way that the world around you becomes your classroom, and you become Citizen Geographers. Often this is not possible due to lack of time and resources.

Hence this workshop is a means to help share resources and learn from each other. Thanks to Prof. Nir Orion, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel and Prof. Chris King, Keele University, U.K. for use of their materials and ideas for this workshop.


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