Thripthi, Aaminaz, and Arpitha

Class 9, Sujana Convent, Bengaluru

Plastic bags are everywhere in our environment. They are very convenient. They cost very little. However, they greatly affect human health. Globally, several cities have banned plastic bags and some have enforced strict laws about this.

In Bengaluru, despite the ban, people are using plastic bags. This has created large trash heaps. Most of the market place around Hosa Road, Bengaluru, and in a few houses plastic bag use is noticeable. It is happening because government is not distributing proper paper bags.

We observed the shops and street vendors to see whether they have been using plastic or paper bags. We took a few pictures. We also conducted interviews with the sellers and the buyers (consumers) to understand their perspectives on the plastic and paper bag use.

We tried to make customers aware of the harmful effects of plastic bags and requested them to use cloth or jute bags. We also appreciated those who were using cloth bags for everyday purpose. Therefore for spreading awareness we made a few paper bags and sold it to nearby shops for usage.

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