Nilakshi Kayal

B.Sc. Geography 3rd year student, Presidency University, Kolkata

My work is based on “Incredible India” i.e. tourism of India.  I researched on India’s tourism industry on the basis of its activities along the last 10 years (2006-2016). During this period, an overall development was visible in the tourism industry of India. But there is the question: “Why is India still not the first choice of many tourists even with such geographical diversity ?” And thus the search for the reasons behind it continues.

So I collected data from the ministry of tourism (both from its websites and books) to study the trend, and made graphs on it for representation of the followings :

  • Number of FTAs (Foreign Tourist Arrivals) per year
  • Earning from FTAs per  year (including foreign exchange earnings)
  • Highest number of FTAs from specific countries per year

Apart from this I surveyed among both Indian travelers and foreign visitors to know their opinions about India as a tourist destination . This was to know their first choice of tour destination and the reasons behind it.

There I found some prominent reasons behind choosing India as a tour destination like:

  • Scenic beauty
  • Geographical diversity
  • Culture and heritage
  • Preference of domestic tour due to financial reason

And there were some vivid reasons behind not choosing India as the first choice as a tour destination due to insufficient:

  • Safety and security
  • Hygiene and cleanliness
  • Accessibility in remote places
  • Hospitality management




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