Prema M. (10th Standard), Pavithra T. (9th Standard), and Santhosh U. (8th Standard)

Swami Vivekananda Rural English Medium School, Chandapura, Bengaluru

In the 21st century, farmers in India are using chemical fertilizers while some are opting for organic farming. There is also improvement in terms of farmers using modern technology in agriculture. These include sprinklers, drips, GPS, and so on. The technology not only helps farmers to improve production, but also reduce the amount of labor in the field.

We intend to conduct our study in Heelalige through interviews and secondary data collection. We plan to interview farmers and if possible agricultural officers. We chose Heelalige as our area of study because there are many farmers residing in the area to which we have access to.

The aim of our study is to find out the kind of resources like chemical fertilizers, organic resources, modern technology, government schemes and so on used by different farmers during farming, the reasons for using those resources, and the challenges faced by the farmers in resorting to the efficient use of modern technology in their work.

We also aim to find a trend in the distribution of these resources in terms of who uses which kind of techniques and which kind of land. We also intend to help the farmers in ways possible to us after getting to know their difficulties after the research.


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