Saira Guha, Sahana Ramesh, and Ritika Raghunandan.

Class 8, Poorna Learning Center,  Sathnur  Village.

Sathnur village is situated in the Bengaluru Urban District. It is different from Yelahanka New-Town, RT Nagar or Indiranagar which are urbanized.

Sathnur Village has mostly duplexes, or small complexes, while the other three predominantly consist of large apartment complexes. Our group consists of people that live in urban areas. We chose to learn about Sathnur, so as to learn about the types of services that different people need.

We surveyed 10 different families from across  Sathnur about the services they require and use. We asked about schools, public transport, hospitals, garbage collection, electricity and public-places in detail. We even talked to the Sathnur Gram Panchayat about what their people want.

Even just walking down the streets some things became evident. First, that the pollution levels in Sathnur are low, and second, that road-kill of dogs and smaller animals is a serious problem. People commented on the lack of playgrounds too. We then consulted the Sathnur Panchayat on these problems, learning that they had plans to build a park around the Srinivasapura lake. They thought that having a central park would bring  the community together as one.

During  our time with the Panchayat, we discussed rainwater harvesting, schools/colleges, hospitals, garbage collection, and electricity. We collected data about where the people of Sathnur acquire their daily resources and medicines, we then informed the Panchayat about the problems  people were facing, and discussed possible solutions.


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