Nithin Rai Fellow, Suri Sehgal Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment, Bengaluru Muthatha Ramanathan Research Associate, The Institute of Geographical Studies, Bengaluru Have you ever experienced a landscape just looking at a map ? A paper map, not […]
Ananthi Balakrishnan Founder, Director Cilre Educational Products and Services Private Limited When you leave home, how do you know which way to go to reach school? Go straight, take the 3rd right and 2nd left after that and you’ll reach the park. Everyday, we use directions […]
Bhavana P, Aasiya Khatoon, and Pradeep Kumar. 8th Standard, Citizens’ English High school, Bengaluru Plenty of men work as autorickshaw (or auto) drivers in our area- Tannery road. Many of their children are students. Many students at our school depend on autos for commuting to school. […]
Harikumar Venkatramani Montessori Director, CASCADE – Beasant Nagar, RELIEF Foundation, Chennai Sriram Sampath Head of Data, Skidos Lab, Copenhagen Eviction of people from slums and tenements has become a practice in major cities in India. The major reasons why evictions are done in theory include developing […]
R. Neeraj Bharadwaaj. 7 th Grade, Cascade, Chennai An environment with less pollution is a daily need for everybody. But do you know that Chennai city alone generates about 8200 tons of mixed garbage every day. This garbage is simply dumped and burnt in two major […]
Susan Roberts Professor of Geography and Associate Provost for Internationalization, University of Kentucky, USA Thinking like a geographer can help you see things differently. This talk invites International Geography Youth Summit participants to consider what can happen if we move from a more standard “geography of […]
Mrinalini Sekar  Creative Movement Facilitator, Madurai. We move about, conducting our daily lives in a part of our geographic space. Geographers call this space activity space. This movement is not just routine. There is a lot more to it. Through the physical medium of everyday movement […]
Heidi J Nast Geographer, and Professor of International Studies and Critical Ethnic Studies, DePaul University, Chicago, USA.   Abstract to be posted soon.   Read about Dr Nast here. (Link will open in a new tab)
 Sri Sanatani S., Goutham S.A., and Manu P. 9th Standard, Sujana Convent School, Bengaluru GST (Goods and Services Tax) was introduced in India on 1 July 2017. It has replaced many other taxes such as service tax, Value Added Tax, etc. GST is divided into CGST […]
 Yasmeen M S. (9th Standard),  Shivraj J. (9th Standard), and Mala J. (8th Standard). Sujana Convent, Bengaluru Individual deal with various issues in their everyday lives like comments on their personality, caste, gender, colour, etc. which can lead to ill-effects on their health. We are generally […]
Niteesh V, Nitish Kumar K N, and Abhishek R. 9th standard, SHAMS High School, GS Palya, Bengaluru Our research is about the problems faced by the people in our surroundings which can be solved by technology. We are doing our research in  G.S. Palya, E-city, and […]
Aadithya S Sankar, and  N.V. Jishnu Satchidanand. 9th Standard, Army Public School, K Kamaraj Road, Bengaluru. In our area there is a dump of garbage mainly of plastic covers. Due to that garbage there are a lot of problems faced by animals (especially cows) and the […]
Akshitha Shivakumar, Aravind Swamy, and Swathi.V. 9th Standard, Bangalore English High School, Bengaluru. We chose this topic because we are inspired by our neighbors’ living standards who are working in the IT field. People working in the IT field, their working routine is different from other works […]
Harshitha K (10th Standard), Arun Srikanth (8th Standard), and Shalini C. (9th Standard) Swami Vivekananda Rural English Medium School, Chandapura, Bengaluru. Language is very important in our lives. India is a diverse multi-lingual country. Migrations from one region to another has led to language problem among […]
Navaneetha N., Poornima J., and Priyanka D. 9th standard. Bangalore English High School, Bengaluru One of our team member’s father is a carpenter. In our neighborhood of Nagnathapura we can see many carpentry shops. This inspired us to know more about this work and why there […]
Fiza Banu, Misba Khanum, and Saira Shaik 10th standard, Citizen’s High School, Bengaluru In our so-called ‘modern’ society women are still facing challenges of menstrual taboos. Why do most of the women feel embarrassed to speak about this topic? Some of the beliefs affect the women’s […]
Chandra Shekhar Balachandran Founder and Director, The Institute of Geographical Studies, Bengaluru For: Anyone. Max. participant capacity: 30-35 Latitudes and longitudes are a nightmare to most students! (And teachers, too!). In this workshop, you will help solve a problem using latitudes and longitudes. With this, you […]
K R Kirthi Soumya Amrutha, Reshab Rana, and Manthan B Gennur. Class 8, Vidyanjali Academy For Learning, Bengaluru Plastic bags are everywhere in our environment. They cost very little and are also very convenient. However, they greatly affect human health. Globally, several cities have banned plastic […]
J. Lokeshwaran and V.Abinaya. MSc program, Department of Geography Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu Demand for water, an essential resource, is rising rapidly. Yet, we don’t realize the value of it. Suriyur is a remote village in Tiruchchirapalli District which is presently facing a domestic water […]
Leo Michaels and Kanishk Gokul. Class 10, Homeschooling, Chennai Water scarcity is a major problem these days. When we use water, most of it ends up going down the drain, then to various water bodies, and finally into the sea. Therefore, water scarcity is mainly its […]
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