Akshitha Shivakumar, Aravind Swamy, and Swathi.V.

9th Standard, Bangalore English High School, Bengaluru.

We chose this topic because we are inspired by our neighbors’ living standards who are working in the IT field. People working in the IT field, their working routine is different from other works because they have clients in other countries.

They have many health issues because of the stressful tension in their work. Those who are coming from other states, their basic needs like shelter, food, social network are very different. We also want to explore the transportation modes of IT people.

A job and good health are both daily needs for most of us. We interviewed several software engineers and a few doctors.  We found that software engineers’ irregular habits contribute to several health problems such as  lower back pain, anxiety, stress, carpel tunnel syndrome, heart disorders, insomnia, and eye problems.


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