Samuel, Monoj,and Md.Fardeen

Class 10 Vidyanjali Academy for Learning, Bengaluru

We learnt that 2/3 of the earth is covered with water and human body consists of 70% water. No life can be sustained without water. Due to its scarcity, water has become a major reason for social stress in the apartments of Cholanayakanahali and residences of Ganganagar, two localities in Bengaluru.

The main source of water for these areas are bore-wells and BWSSB (Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board). We have witnessed many fights and arguments due to shortage of water supply, which creates social stress among the residents.

The variations in ground water table and contamination of water due to mixing of sewage and drinking water are the main causes of water shortage.

This results in serious health issues and pollutes the environment. This distracts the life of the people.

For our research, we surveyed the public in both the areas. We met the scientist Mr. A R Shiv Kumar who has been using rainwater harvesting as a source for his daily activities for 23 years.

A few changes that need to take place in our areas are improvement of pipeline system, regular checking of both sewage and drinking water pipelines, and preventing leakages in pipelines. We created awareness among the people to install rain water harvesting in their houses and apartments.

We came to know that wise usage of water will lead to sustainable development and keeping our environment clean makes us happy and healthy.


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