Mrinalini Sekar

Creative Movement Facilitator, Madurai

  • For: Anyone.
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Maximum participants: 25
  • Please wear comfortably loose clothing that allows free movement.
  • Avoid trailing wear such as duppattas, saris, etc. No tight clothing.

This is a a Creative Movement workshop that explores the interaction between the self and space, and the impact they have on each other.

In the workshop, we shall use the physical medium, and explore through movement, several hitherto unexplored landscapes. We will also engage with:

  • Landscape of oneself, the physical body we occupy, its possibilities for spatial  interactions and limitations too.
  • Impact of the space we occupy, environmental inclusion and seclusion.
  • Influence of the environmental conditions – spatial, social, cultural etc, on the functioning of self. Also, the self’s inevitable impact on the larger whole. Drawing attention to the Web of Life.
  • Care for self, care for people around us – those we know and those we dont. How our actions impact in known and unknown ways.

All this, while we are having fun moving, jumping, rolling, dancing, and prancing around!


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