Ahana Apurva, Kshamaa Rajoop, and Anagha. R.

Class 7, Army Public School, K Kamaraj Road, Bengaluru

We chose this topic because we are aware of the scarcity of water and decrease in underground water level in Bengaluru. We focused on an area near Batrahalli Lake, T.C Palya, Bengaluru.

Increasing apartments and careless usage of water, have led to decrease in underground water level. This has led to water scarcity in the area. To avoid this condition we spoke to the president of our apartment complex regarding this issue. We found out the reasons for wastage of water.

We met other residents of the building and addressed the following points:

  •  Automatic washing machines use 5-8 times more water than a bucket. So wash clothes in the machine on a weekly basis on full load.
  • Keep a tub under the tap while washing vegetables and use the collected water to water plants.
  • Use shower heads to reduce water usage for bathing.
  • Switch to low-flow pipes to save water.
  • In Reverse Osmosis (RO) 50% of water is wasted. Use other methods of purification.

We advised the residents of the apartment building to maintain buckets outside their balcony to collect rain water and reuse it.



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