Please read these points carefully
before you begin the registration process

General guidelines and how to register:

  1. Topic selection. – Select a topic whose geography you can clearly bring out. Your paper must be original and not previously published or presented elsewhere. By submitting a paper, you will be claiming that this is your original work and that it has not been previously presented or published.
  2. Plan your team if you want one – Do you want to do this alone? Do you want to team up with two more peers/colleagues? (Max. team size = 3).  If you form a team, decide who will be the 1st author, 2nd author, and 3rd author.
  3. STEP 1:  Create a user account on the TIGS site. –  This will give you access to the site and you can post, edit your posts, read and comment on others’ posts, etc.
    • This will generate a confirmation email that will come to the email address you gave during the registration process.
    • This may take a little while, depending on network traffic conditions. So, please be patient.
    • Sometimes, that email my end up in your “spam” folder. So, please do check there also.
    • When you get the confirmation email with a link in it, click on the link that looks like this:
    • In your confirmation email, click on the link that looks like this. If you still have problems contact us at

  4. STEP 2:  Submit an abstract:
    • FIRST: Title – Enter this in the Abstract Title box. Max. 10 words.
    • SECOND: Enter key words: 8 maximum, separated by semi-colons (;). If you use phrases, each word in the phrase will be counted.
    • THIRD: Select participant type: Choose the one that best describes your participant type: ‘School student poster’ or ‘School student paper / PPT’ etc. If you are unable to find your type, choose ‘Other’ and contact us for clarification.
    • FOURTH: In the Abstract box: Enter the following information:
      • Name(s) and affiliation of author(s) in the order you want them. Information should include:

        • Full name
        • Class / year
        • Name of School / College / University
        • Name of city where it is located.
        • PLEASE NOTE:
          • Max. three authors.
          • Only one will present.
          • If there are more than one author, submit only one abstract with all the names, etc. as given below. One of the authors can post it.
      • The actual abstract – 250 words maximum. This should give the main points of your presentation:
        • What is it about?
        • How did you conduct the study?
        • How did you analyze the data?
        • What are the main results,?
        • What conclusions / recommendations do you make?
    • STEP 3:  Registration amount depends on the date of payment, not on the date of submitting abstract. PLEASE DO NOT DEPOSIT CASH OR CHEQUES as our bank deducts heavy fees for depositing these. 
      • Registration amount depends on the date of payment, not on the date of submitting abstract.
      • Here is the information for online transfer:
        • Bank name: State Bank of India
        • Branch Code: 002263
        • Branch: Richards Town branch
        • Address: No. 14, Yolee Mall, Pottery Road, Richards Town, Bangalore – 560 005
        • Account name: The Institute of Geographical Studies
        • Account type: Current Account
        • Account number: 34890455257 (11 digits)
        • IFSC Code: SBIN0002263 (4 letters + 7 digits)
        • MICR Code: 560002040 (9 digits)
        • Email:
        • Phones: +91-80-2548-3212 ; +91-80-2548-6609
      • Please email us ( the transaction details (ideally a screen shot of the final screen showing the completion of the transaction) along with:
        • Name of person paying the amount
        • Total amount paid
        • Names of student participants being registered
        • Names of other participants being registered
    • Other members can read your abstract, offer comments, feedback etc. in the comments section below your abstract.
  5. Feedback from us and what you do next.
    • We will post comments on your blog post giving you comments and feedback on what you may need to do to improve your abstract and research ideas. Normally, these will appear in the comments section of your blog post within 1-2 days after you have successfully posted your abstract. Take the reviewers’ feedback seriously and try to make those changes in your work. Failure to address the reviewers’ comments could result in rejection of the abstract.
    • Your abstract will be published online only after it has been approved.
    • Others may also leave comments on your abstract in the comments section. If there are suggestions on how you can make your work better, do consider them. You decide whether you can or want to adopt those suggestions.
    • After review – Once the feedback has been given to you, please go can go ahead and prepare your paper.
    • Prepare your paper.


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