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  • Foreword by Dr Heidi J Nast, Professor, International Studies Department, DePaul University, Chicago, IL, USA; Managing Trustee, Dharani USA, Inc.
  • Introduction by Dr Muthatha Ramanathan, Research Associate, The Institute of Geographical Studies, Bengaluru, India.

For far too long, children have been exposed to geography only through school textbooks. These are oriented towards examinations and not towards a joyous exploration of a world of ideas through geography.

Teachers who go beyond the textbooks to teach geography are rare. Thus, children develop a very limited view of geography. In fact, no matter what career a child may choose, a good understanding of geography and its power will help them immensely.

Over several years, the Deccan Herald Student Edition has been publishing a weekly geography column that invites readers (mainly children in grades 7 and above) to see geography all around them. And to marvel at the roles that geography plays in so many aspects of life.

Geography, everywhere! is a collection of a few of the essays that were published. We hope to bring out more such collections in the near future.

  • You could gift this book to a child (or adult) you know.
  • Consider it as a prize you could give children at your school’s annual day.
  • Include copies of this book for your school or other library.
  • Consider using this in exploring geography with a child, or encouraging them to explore together.

Now available as an eBook only in India. (INR 200).

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(Proceeds go to the organization’s geography education efforts.)