Shravanith S., Punith M., and Nihar.

8th STD, Vidyanjali  Academy For Learning,  Bangalore

Playing is one of our daily needs to refresh ourselves and to maintain good physical and mental health. If children are physically and mentally fit they are assets to the development of our country. The ground is a public place in a locality, we should all have access to it.

Related to this we have two concern about using the play area in our locality:

  • Intimidation –
    • Some people won’t let us to play in the ground as it disturbs them and damages their walls and windows.
    • Several older boys who play there won’t let us younger boys play.
  • Dumping on the field – The ground is very dirty because people litter and dump garbage there.

In order to improve the situation, we spoke to the Corporator (local elected representative in city government) regarding this issue, he said that action will be taken regarding this and they shall make sure the ground is not misused.

We also spoke to the older boys who did not allow us to play there, but they did not listen to us.

In the end, the Corporator took no action, the playground continued to be used as a dumping ground for litter and dump garbage by the public. So there was no change and we did not get any solution for our problem. This is not one-time job. So we plan to keep on trying until we succeed.

For further action, we friends have decided to clean the ground ourselves, to spread awareness to the people not to litter or dump garbage there.
Thank You.


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