Throughout India, COVID-19 has taken classes online. The kinds of resources we need to study have also undergone a lot of change.

In a previous blog post, we had presented a glimpse of some of the digital tools of geography.

Here we share with you some ready-made images that can help you teach/study geography. Several of these images will support your study in the textbook to better understand your lessons. However, many of these will allow you to — in fact, invite you to — look at geography in interesting ways not limited by your textbook, syllabus, or exams.

Many of these images are posted on Twitter. Most children don’t have access to Twitter. These images are invaluable resources for geography education. At The Institute of Geographical Studies (TIGS), we believe that the products of these latest, cutting-edge geographical technologies should be part of high school children’s study of geography.

Therefore, TIGS will host as many of these images as possible in this blog, with permission from their creators or posted directly by them.

An online course for students of class 8–12 of all curriculums / homeschoolers Introduction: GeoInformatics is a sub-field of Geography that connects with computer-based technologies such as satellite imaging, digital mapping and analysis, etc. Several curriculums mention GeoInformatics in their Geography textbooks. But very few schools […]
Introduction Maps are pictorial representations of geographically referenced data (or geographic data) [Wikipedia: Accessed on 8 August 2021]. Maps help us with navigation (understanding the locations and their connections — site and situation), uncovering geographical patterns (geography question 1: Where is it?), understanding these patterns (geography […]
MD MAP STILL 2022-06-14
Note: At present, this site is optimized for viewing on desktop or laptop computers. About the map How did I make this map? First I used the database with all the songs whose place-associations were known. I looked up the latitudes and longitudes (coordinates) for each […]
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