Apoorva Amargol and Lena Sosa Viji

9th Standard, Vidyanjali Academy for Learning,Bengaluru.

Our school is in a rural part of North Bengaluru.  Many children commute to school and back on two-wheelers. We observed some teachers, parents and students not wearing helmets while traveling on two-wheelers.

This is dangerous and could lead to loss of life and limb in case of any accident.

We insisted to the mothers, to tie their kids and themselves at the waist using their shawl to increase safety.

Creating awareness to wear helmet for the rider and pavilion riders is very important. Safety is more important than luxury of riding a two wheeler.

In this project, we tried to find out how many parents are dropping children off at the school gates on two-wheelers. How many agree that it is their duty to wear a helmet?

We prepared pamphlets with a message urging parents to use a helmet.  In our school assembly, we spoke about importance of wearing helmets.

Also, we approached our school management to have a policy and insist the parents to drop or pick up students with helmets only and to provide a rack to keep students helmets.

We interviewed the traffic inspector and collected information about the mishaps happening for not wearing helmets.  We also videographed children going with parents without wearing helmets. We have submitted all the data collected in our research.

When we consolidated our research, we understood how much patience and initiative are needed to motivate people for their own safety.  Human resource is very important for a country.


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