Śrī Muttusvāmi Dīkshitar has composed songs relating to many different deities.  This is an example of his inclusive outlook.  Many of these deities probably have origins in folk culture. Geographically speaking, folk culture is very localized. Over time, many folk deities became popular deities and their geographic reach expanded — people came on pilgrimage to these places from farther away also.

Broadly speaking, the three main deities addressed in Dīkshitar’s songs are Vishnu (the sustainer), Shiva (the dissolver), and Devi (the Mother Goddess).


First, here is our database. The exercises are given after the database. Use this database to complete the exercises. Share your answers in the comments area below the post.

Database of Muttusvāmi Dīkshitar's Compositions
Sl no. Associated Place Name Deities of this place in Dīkshitar's songs Song Deity Song Deity local name Samskrtam lyrics English lyrics Nōttusvaram?
1 Azhagarkoil Vishnu Vishnu Shri sundara.raajam Sundara.baahu.perumaal N
2 Badrinath Vishnu Vishnu Shri satya.naaraayanam Satyanaaraayana N
3 Chidambaram Multiple Pancha.bhuta.linga / Ether / Akasha.linga Aanandanatana Nataraja N
4 Chidambaram Multiple Shiva Chidambara-nataraaja-moortim Nataraja N
5 Chidambaram Multiple Shiva Chidambara-nataraajam-aashrayeham Nataraja N
6 Chidambaram Multiple Shiva Chidambareshvaram Nataraja N
7 Chidambaram Multiple Shiva Chintayeham sadaa Nataraja Y
8 Chidambaram Multiple Vishnu Govindaraajaaya Krishna N
9 Chidambaram Multiple Vishnu Govindaraajam Krishna N
10 Chidambaram Multiple Vishnu Govindaraajena Krishna N
11 Chidambaram Multiple Shiva Kanakasabhaapatim Nataraja N
12 Chidambaram Multiple Shiva Shivakaameepatim Nataraja N
13 Chidambaram Multiple Shiva Shivakaameshvaram Nataraja N
14 Chidambaram Multiple Devi Sivakamesvarim Parvati N
15 Devipattinam Multiple Mahishasuramardini Dandanaathayaa Mahishasuramardini N
16 Devipattinam Multiple Vishnu Mamava Raghuveera Rama N
17 Devippattinam Multiple Devi Mahishaasuramardineem Kaali N
18 Ghatikachalam Vishnu Vishnu Narasimha aagachha Narasimha N
19 Guruvayur Vishnu Krishna Ananta-baalakrshna Krishna N
20 Guruvayur Vishnu Vishnu Baalakrishnam N
21 Guruvayur Vishnu Vishnu Chetaah-shree Krishna N
22 Guruvayur Vishnu Vishnu Shri krishnam bhaja maanasa Krishna N
23 Indraprastham Shiva Shiva Neelaachalanaatham Nilachalanatha N
24 Kalahasti Multiple Devi Jñaana-prasoonaambike Jnanaprasunambika N
25 Kalahasti Multiple Pancha.bhuta.linga / Air / Vayu.linga Shri kaalahasteesha Kalahasteesha N
26 Kanchipuram Multiple Devi Avyaaja-karunaa-kataakshi Kamakshi N
27 Kanchipuram Multiple Pancha.bhuta.linga / Earth / Prthivi.linga Chintaya-maakanda Somaskanda N
28 Kanchipuram Multiple Shiva Ekaamra.naathaaya Ekamreshvara N
29 Kanchipuram Multiple Shiva Ekaamranaathaaya namaste Ekamreshvara N
30 Kanchipuram Multiple Shiva Ekaamranaatham Ekamreshvara N
31 Kanchipuram Multiple Shiva Ekaamranaatheshvarena Ekamreshvara N
32 Kanchipuram Multiple Devi Ekaamresha.naayakeem Kamakshi N
32 Kanchipuram Multiple Devi Ekaamreshanaayike Kamakshi N
33 Kanchipuram Multiple Devi Kaamaaksheem Kamakshi N
34 Kanchipuram Multiple Devi Kaamaakshi kaamakoti Kamakshi N
35 Kanchipuram Multiple Devi Kaamaakshi maam paahi Kamakshi N
36 Kanchipuram Multiple Devi Kaamaakshi varalakshmi Kamakshi N
37 Kanchipuram Multiple Devi Kaamakotipeethavaasini Kamakshi N
38 Kanchipuram Multiple Shiva Kailaasanaatham Kailasanatha N
39 Kanchipuram Multiple Shiva Kailaasanaathena Kailasanatha N
40 Kanchipuram Multiple Devi Kamaksheem Kamakshi N
41 Kanchipuram Multiple Devi Kañjadalaayataakshi Kamakshi N
42 Kanchipuram Multiple Devi Namaste paradevate Kamakshi N
43 Kanchipuram Multiple Devi Neerajaakshi Kamakshi N
44 Kanchipuram Multiple Shiva Paarvateepate Ekamreshvara N
45 Kanchipuram Multiple Shiva Sakala-sura-vinutam Ekamreshvara Y
46 Kanchipuram Multiple Shiva Shailesvaram Ekamreshvara N
47 Kanchipuram Multiple Shiva Shankaravara Ekamreshvara N
48 Kanchipuram Multiple Devi Shri-sarasvatee-hite Kamakshi N
49 Kanchipuram Multiple Devi Shrngaara-rasa-manjareem Kamakshi N
50 Kanchipuram Multiple Devi Veenaapustaka-dhaarineem Sarasvati N
51 Kashi Multiple Devi Ehi annapoorne Annapurna N
52 Kashi Multiple Ganga Gange maam paahi Ganga N
53 Kashi Multiple Shiva Kaalabhairavam Kalabhairava N
54 Kashi Multiple Devi Kaasheevishaalaaksheem Vishalakshi N
55 Kashi Multiple Shiva Kaasheevishveshvara Vishveshvara N
56 Kashi Multiple Devi Vishaalaakshim Annapurneshvari N
57 Kashi Multiple Shiva Vishveshvaro Vishveshvara N
58 Kashmiram Devi Devi Kalaavati Sarasvati N
59 Kazhugumalai Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Subrahmanyena Kalugasalamoorthy N
60 Kivalur Shiva Shiva Akshayalinga Akshayalingeshvarar N
61 Kulittalai Multiple Devi Baalakuchaambike Muttrilamulai Ammai N
62 Kulittalai Multiple Shiva Marakatalingam Neelakantha N
63 Kulittalai Multiple Shiva Neelakanthaaya Neelakantha N
64 Kulittalai Multiple Shiva Neelakantham Neelakantha N
65 Kulittalai Multiple Shiva Paahi maam ratnaachalanaayaka Ratnagirinathar N
66 Kumbhakonam Multiple Shiva Kumbheshvaraaya (1) Kumbheshvara N
67 Kumbhakonam Multiple Shiva Kumbheshvaraaya (2) Kumbheshvara N
68 Kumbhakonam Multiple Shiva Kumbheshvarena Kumbheshvara N
69 Kumbhakonam Multiple Devi Shrimangalambikam Mangalamba N
70 Kuzhikkarai Multiple Devi Annapoorne vishaalaakshi Annapurna N
71 Kuzhikkarai Shiva Shiva Neelakantha mahaadeva Neelakantha N
72 Kuzhikkarai Shiva Shiva Shri vishvanaatham Vishvanatha N
73 Madurai Multiple Devi Baalaambikaayaastava Minakshi N
74 Madurai Multiple Ganesha Ekadantam Ganesha N
75 Madurai Multiple Shiva Haalaasyanaatham Sundareshvara N
76 Madurai Multiple Devi Kaadambaree-priyaayai Minakshi N
77 Madurai Multiple Devi Maamava meenaakshi Minakshi N
78 Madurai Multiple Devi Maatangi marakataangi Minakshi N
79 Madurai Multiple Devi Madhuraambaa samrakshatu Minakshi N
80 Madurai Multiple Devi Madhuraambaam Minakshi N
81 Madurai Multiple Devi Madhuraambaayaah Minakshi N
82 Madurai Multiple Devi Madhuraambikaayaam Minakshi N
83 Madurai Multiple Devi Meenaakshi me mudam dehi Minakshi N
84 Madurai Multiple Shiva Paalaya maam paarvateesha Shiva N
85 Madurai Multiple Devi Pañchaashatpeetharoopini Minakshi N
86 Madurai Multiple Devi Parañjyotishmati paraashakti Minakshi N
87 Madurai Multiple Devi Shri madhuraambikayaa Minakshi N
88 Madurai Multiple Devi Shri madhuraambike Minakshi N
89 Madurai Multiple Devi Shri meenaakshi gauri Minakshi N
90 Madurai Multiple Devi Shri meenaambikaayaah Minakshi N
91 Madurai Multiple Devi Shri-madhuraapuri-vihaarini Minakshi N
93 Madurai Multiple Devi Shyaamalaangi maatangi Minakshi N
94 Madurai Multiple Devi Shyaamale meenaakshi Minakshi Y
95 Madurai Multiple Shiva Somasundareshvaram N
96 Madurai Multiple Shiva Sundareshvaraaya.namaste Sundareshvara N
97 Madurai Multiple Devi Madhuraambaa jayati Minakshi N
98 Madurai Multiple Devi Parasaktim Minakshi N
99 Mannargudi Vishnu Vishnu Baalagopaala Krishna N
100 Mannargudi Vishnu Vishnu Shri raaja.gopaala Raajagopaala N
101 Mannargudi Vishnu Krishna Shri-vidyaaraajagopaalam Raajagopaala N
102 Mayuram Multiple Devi Aaryaam abhayaambaam Abhayamba N
103 Mayuram Multiple Devi Abhayaambaa Abhayamba N
104 Mayuram Multiple Shiva Abhayaambaa-naayaka harisaayaka Mayuranatha N
105 Mayuram Multiple Shiva Abhayaambaa-naayaka varadaayaka Mayuranatha N
106 Mayuram Multiple Devi Abhayaambaayaam Abhayamba N
107 Mayuram Multiple Devi Abhayaambikaayaah Abhayamba N
108 Mayuram Multiple Devi Abhayaambikaayai Abhayamba N
109 Mayuram Multiple Devi Ambikaayaah abhayaambikaayah Abhayamba N
110 Mayuram Multiple Devi Daakshaayini abhayaambike Abhayamba N
111 Mayuram Multiple Devi Girijayaa ajayaa abhayaambikayaa Abhayamba N
112 Mayuram Multiple Ganesha Karikalabha-mukham Dhundhi vinayaka N
113 Mayuram Multiple Shiva Maayooranaatham Mayuranatha N
114 Mayuram Multiple Shiva Naagalingam namaami Nagalingeshvara N
115 Mayuram Multiple Devi Shri abhayaamba Abhayamba
116 Nagapattinam Multiple Shiva Kaayaarohanesham Kayarohaneshvara N
117 Nagapattinam Multiple Shiva Shivakaayaarohaneshaaya Kayarohaneshvara N
118 Nagapattinam Multiple Vishnu Soundara.raajam Soundararaaja perumal N
119 Nagapattinam Multiple Devi Amba neelaayataakshi Neelaayataakshi N
120 Navapaashaanam Multiple Vishnu Kodandaraamam Rama N
121 Nepalam Shiva Shiva Pashupateeshvaram Pashupati N
122 Nidamangalam Vishnu Vishnu Santaana-raamasvaaminam Santana ramasvami N
123 Pazhani Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Dandaayudhapaanim Dandayuthapani N
124 Pulivalam Vishnu Vishnu Venkataachalapate Venkateshvara N
125 Pushpavanam Shiva Shiva Sarasa sauveera Sundareshvara N
126 Rameshvaram Multiple Devi Parvatavardhini Parvatavardhini N
127 Rameshvaram Multiple Shiva Raamanaatham Ramanatha N
128 Sabarimalai Shasta Shasta Hariharaputram Ayyappan N
129 Sankaranarayanankoil Shiva + Vishnu Shiva + Vishnu Shankaranaaraayanam Shiva and Vishnu N
130 Sankarapuram Kumaara (Murugan) Kumaara (Murugan) Senaapate Senapati N
131 Sattur Devi Devi Aandandaamrta.karshini Bhavani N
132 Sattur Multiple Devi Himagirikumari eeshapriyakari Parvati N
133 Sikkil Kumaara (Murugan) Kumaara (Murugan) Shrngaara-shaktyaayudha-dhara-sharavanasya Singaravelan N
134 Vaithisvarankoil Multiple Planet.Navagraha / Angaraka / Mars Angaarakam Angaraka N
135 To be found To be found Hanuman Aanjaneyam Hanuman Y
136 Srirangam Multiple Vishnu Ranganaayakam Ranganatha N
137 Srirangam Multiple Vishnu Rangapuravihaara Ranganatha N
138 Srirangam Multiple Devi Shri-bhaargavee-bhadram-me-dishatu Bhargavi N
139 Srivanchiyam Multiple Devi Mangalaambaayai Mangalamba N
140 Srivanchiyam Multiple Shiva Shri vaanchanaatham Vanchanatha N
141 Srivanchiyam Multiple Devi Shrimangalambike Mangalamba N
142 Svaamimalai Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Gajaambaanaayako Kumaara (Murugan) N
143 Svaamimalai Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Shri Balasubhrahmanya Balasubrahmanya N
144 Svaamimalai Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Shri svaaminaathaaya Svaminatha N
145 Svaamimalai Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Svaaminaatha paripaayaashu Svaminatha N
146 Svaamimalai Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Svaaminaathena Svaminatha N
147 Tanjavur Multiple Devi Bhoga-chhaayaanataka-priye Devi N
148 Tanjavur Multiple Devi Bhooshaavateem Bhooshaavati N
149 Tanjavur Multiple Devi Brhadambaa Brihadishvari N
150 Tanjavur Multiple Devi Brhadambikaayai Brihadishvari N
151 Tanjavur Multiple Shiva Brhadeeshvaraaya Brihadishvara N
152 Tanjavur Multiple Shiva Brhadeeshvaram Brihadishvara N
153 Tanjavur Multiple Shiva Brhadeeshvareem bhaja re Brihadishvara N
154 Tanjavur Multiple Shiva Brhadeeshvaro Brihadishvara N
155 Tanjavur Multiple Devi Brhannaayaki Brihadishvari N
156 Tanjavur Multiple Devi Chhaayaavateem Brihadishvari N
157 Tanjavur Multiple Devi Himagirikumaari eeshvari Brihadishvari N
158 Tanjavur Multiple Devi Jñaanaambike Jnanamba N
159 Tanjavur Multiple Devi Kanakaambari Kamakshi N
160 Tanjavur Multiple Devi Kaumaaree gauree Gauri N
161 Tanjavur Multiple Vishnu Mararatipriyam Govindaraja N
162 Tanjavur Multiple Shiva Naagaabharanam Shiva N
163 Tanjavur Multiple Devi Naagaagaandhaari raaga nute Devi N
164 Tanjavur Multiple Shiva Nabhomani Brihadishvara N
165 Tanjavur Multiple Shiva Paalaya maam brhadeeshvara Brihadishvara N
167 Tanjavur Multiple Devi Paalaya maam brhadeeshvari Brihadishvari N
168 Tanjavur Multiple Devi Paamarajanapaalini Brihadishvari N
169 Tanjavur Multiple Shiva Pañchabhoota-kiranaavalim Chandramouli N
170 Tanjavur Multiple Vishnu Prasanna-venkateshvaram Venkatesha N
171 Tanjavur Multiple Shiva Raaja-raajendra-chola prathishthitam Brihadishvara N
172 Tanjavur Multiple Devi Sachchidaananda-maya-vijrumbhineem Brihadishvari N
173 Tanjavur Multiple Devi Saindhavee-raga-priye Brihadisvhari N
174 Tanjavur Multiple Devi Santaana-manjaree Brihadishvari N
175 Tanjavur Multiple Shiva Shri dakshinaamurtim sada chintayeham Dakshinamurty N
176 Tanjavur Multiple Vishnu Shri krishnam bhaja re re maanasa Krishna N
177 Tanjavur Multiple Shiva Shrngaaraadi navarasaangi Brihadishvara N
178 Tanjavur Multiple Ganesha Shveta.ganapatim Ganesha N
180 Tanjavur Multiple Vishnu Varadaraaja.ava.ava Varadaraja N
181 Tanjavur Multiple Shiva Vishvanaatham Brihadishvara N
182 Terezhundur Vishnu Vishnu Parimala-ranganaatham (1) Ranganatha N
183 Terezhundur Vishnu Vishnu Parimala-ranganaatham (2) Ranganatha N
184 Tirucchengodu Shiva Shiva Ardhanaareeshvaram Ardhanarishvara N
185 Tiruchchendur Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Baalasubrahmanyam Balasubrahmanya N
186 Tiruchchendur Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Shri subrahmanyo Balasubrahmanya N
187 Tiruchirapalli Multiple Ganesha Gajaanana-yutam Dhundhivinayaka N
188 Tiruchirapalli Multiple Shiva Shri maatrubhootam Matrubhuteshvara N
189 Tiruchirapalli Multiple Devi Shri sugandhi-kuntalaambike Sugandha kuntalamba N
190 Tirukkadaiyur Multiple Devi Abhiraameem Abhirami N
191 Tirukkadaiyur Multiple Shiva Shankaram-abhiraamee-manoharam Amrta.ghateshvara N
192 Tirukkannamangai Multiple Vishnu Bhakthavatsalam Vishnu N
193 Tirukkannamangai Multiple Devi Vamshavati shiva.yuvati Tirukkannamangai N
194 Tirukkazhukkundram Shiva Shiva Vedapureeshvaram Shiva N
195 Tirunelveli Multiple Devi Parvataraajakumari Parvati N
196 Tirunelveli Multiple Shiva Shaaleevateeshvaram Shalivateshvara N
197 Tirunelveli Multiple Devi Shri kaanteemateem Kantimati N
198 Tirupati Vishnu Vishnu Sheshaachala-naayakam Venkatesha N
199 Tirupati Vishnu Vishnu Shri venkatagireesham Venkatesha N
200 Tirupparankundram Ganesha Ganesha Gajaadheeshaad-anyam Ganesha N
201 Tiruttani Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Guru-guha-paada-pankaja Kumaara (Murugan) Y
202 Tiruttani Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Guru-guha-sarasija Kumaara (Murugan) Y
203 Tiruttani Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Gurughuhaadanyam Kumaara (Murugan) N
204 Tiruttani Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Gurughuhaaya Kumaara (Murugan) N
205 Tiruttani Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Guruguhasvaamini Kumaara (Murugan) N
206 Tiruttani Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Gurumoorte Kumaara (Murugan) N
207 Tiruttani Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Manasaguruguha Kumaara (Murugan) N
208 Tiruttani Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Shri guruguha taarayaashu Kumaara (Murugan) N
209 Tiruttani Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Shri guruguhamoorte Kumaara (Murugan) N
210 Tiruttani Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Shri guruguhasya daaso'ham Kumaara (Murugan) N
211 Tiruttani Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Shri gurunaa paalito'smi Kumaara (Murugan) N
212 Tiruttani Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Shri naathaadi-guru-guho Kumaara (Murugan) N
213 Tiruvaanaikkaaval Multiple Shiva Agasteeshvaram Jambupati N
214 Tiruvaanaikkaaval Multiple Devi Akhilaandeshvari raksha maam Akhilandeshvari N
215 Tiruvaanaikkaaval Multiple Shiva Akhilaandeshvaro rakshatu Jambupati N
216 Tiruvaanaikkaaval Multiple Devi Akhilaandeshvaryai namaste Akhilandeshvari N
217 Tiruvaanaikkaaval Multiple Pancha.bhuta.linga / Water / Apo.linga Jambupate Jambupati N
218 Tiruvaanaikkaaval Multiple Devi Shri-maatash-shiva-vaamaanke Akhilandeshvari N
219 Tiruvaiyyaru Multiple Devi Narmadaa kaaveriteeranilaye Dharmasamvardhani N
220 Tiruvaiyyaru Multiple Shiva Parameshvara Tyagaraja N
221 Tiruvaiyyaru Multiple Shiva Pranataartiharaaya Tyagaraja N
223 Tiruvaiyyaru Multiple Shiva Pranataartiharam Tyagaraja N
224 Tiruvaiyyaru Multiple Shiva Shri vatakunaatha Tyagaraja N
225 Tiruvanantapuram Vishnu Vishnu Pannaga-shayana Anantapadmanabha N
226 Tiruvannamalai Shiva Pancha.bhuta.linga / Fire / Agni.linga Arunachalanatham Arunachaleshvara N
227 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Aanandeshvarena Arunachaleshvara N
228 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Bhaarati Nilotpalamba N
229 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Chandrashekharam Chandrashekhara N
230 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Dakshinaamoorte Dakshinamurty N
231 Tiruvarur Multiple Ganesha Gana-naayakam Ganesha N
232 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Hatakeshvara Hatakeshvara N
233 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Kamalaambaa samrakshatu Kamalamba N
234 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Kamalaambaam Kamalamba N
235 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Kamalaambikaayaastava Kamalamba N
236 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Kamalaambikaayai Kamalamba N
237 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Kamalaambike (dhyaanam) Kamalamba N
238 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Kusumaakaravimaana Kamalamba N
239 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Kusumakara Shiva N
240 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Mangala-devatayaa Nilotpalamba N
241 Tiruvarur Multiple Vishnu Muchukundavarada Vishnu N
242 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Naagalingam bhajeham Tyagaraja N
243 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Nilotpalaambikaayaah param Nilotpalamba N
244 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Nilotpalaambikaayaam Nilotpalamba N
245 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Nilotpalaambikayaa Nilotpalamba N
246 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Nilotpalamba Nilotpalamba N
247 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Nilotpalambam Nilotpalamba N
248 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Nilotpalambikaayaaha.tava Nilotpalamba N
249 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Nilotpalambikayai Nilotpalamba N
250 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Nilotpalambike Nilotpalamba N
251 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Parandhaamavati Nilotpalamba N
252 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Sadaachaleshwaram Shiva N
253 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Sadaashraye abhayaambike Abhayamba N
254 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Shri dakshinaamurtim eesham Dakshinamurty N
255 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Shri kamalaambikaayaam Kamalamba N
256 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Shri kamalaambikayaa Kamalamba N
257 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Shri kamalaambike (mangala krti) Kamalamba N
258 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Shri kamalbikaayaah Kamalamba N
259 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Shri nilotpalanayike Nilotpalamba N
260 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Shri raajaraajesvareem Rajarajeshvari N
261 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Shri tyaagaraajasya Tyagaraja N
262 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Shri Valmikalingam Valmikalinga N
263 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Shri-raaja-raajeshvareem Rajarajeshvari N
264 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Siddheswaraaya Siddheshvara N
265 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Sree kamalaambaa jayati Kamalamba N
266 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Sundaramoortim Sundarmurti N
267 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Tyaagaraaja mahaadhvajaaroha Tyagaraja N
268 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Tyaagaraaja paalayaashu Tyagaraja N
269 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Tyaagaraaja-yoga-vaibhavam Tyagaraja N
270 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Tyaagaraajaadanyam Tyagaraja N
271 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Tyaagaraajaaya namaste Tyagaraja N
272 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Tyaagaraajam Tyagaraja N
273 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Tyaagaraajam bhajare Tyagaraja N
274 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Tyaagaraaje Tyagaraja N
275 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Tyaagaraajena Tyagaraja N
276 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Tyaagesham bhaja re Tyagaraja N
277 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Tyagarajo virajate Tyagaraja N
278 Tiruvarur Multiple Ganesha Vaataapi.ganapatim Ganesha N
279 Tiruvarur Multiple Shiva Veeravasanta tyaagaraaja Tyagaraja N
280 Tiruvatisvaram Shiva Shiva Tiruvateeshvaram Tiruvatishvara N
281 Tiruvavinankudi Kumaara (Murugan) Arupadai.veedu Kumaara (Murugan) Sharavanabhava-guru-guham Kumaara (Murugan) N
282 Tiruvengadu Multiple Devi Brahmavidyaambike Devi N
283 Tiruvengadu Multiple Shiva Shvetaaranyaeshvaram Shvetaranyashvara N
283 Tiruvengadu Multiple Shiva Rudrakopa Rudra N
284 Tiruvidaimarudur Multiple Shiva Chintaye mahaalingamoortim Mahalinga N
285 Tiruvidaimarudur Multiple Shiva Mahaalingeshvaraaya Mahalinga N
286 Tiruvidaimarudur Multiple Shiva Mahaalingeshvaram Mahalinga N
287 Tiruvidaimarudur Multiple Devi Paradevataa Brahath Sundara Gujamba N
288 Tiruvottriyur Shiva Shiva Aadipureeshvaram Adipurishvara N
289 Triplicane (Chennai) Vishnu Krishna Shri paarthasaarathinaa Paarthasaarathi N
290 Vaithisvarankoil Multiple Devi Baalaambikaayaah param Devi N
291 Vaithisvarankoil Multiple Devi Baalaambikaayai Devi N
292 Vaithisvarankoil Multiple Devi Baalaambikayaa Devi N
293 Vaithisvarankoil Multiple Devi Baalaambike Devi N
294 Vaithisvarankoil Multiple Devi Bhaja re re chitta baalaambikaam Balambika N
295 Vaithisvarankoil Multiple Kumaara (Murugan) Kumaara (Murugan)svaminaam Kumaara (Murugan) N
296 Vaithisvarankoil Multiple Shiva Shri vaidyanaatham Vaidyanatha N
297 Vallalarkoil Shiva Shiva Vadaanyeshvaram Vadanyeshvara N
298 Vazhuvur Shiva Shiva Maarakotilaavanya Krttivaasa N
299 Vedaranyam Shiva Shiva Shri paarvathee.parameshvarau Ar N
300 Vedaranyam Shiva Shiva Vedaaranyeshvaraaya Vadanyeshvara N
301 Vijayapuram Devi Devi Renukadevi Renuka N
302 Virinchipuram Multiple Kumaara (Murugan) Devikumaram Kumaara (Murugan) N
303 Virinchipuram Multiple Devi Maargahindola-raaga-priye Marakatavalli N
304 Virinchipuram Multiple Shiva Maargasahaayeshvaram Margasahayeshvara N
305 Virinchipuram Multiple Devi Marakatavallim Marakatavalli N
306 Tanjavur Multiple Shiva Bhooshaapatim Shiva N
307 Alangudi Bruhaspati Planet.Navagraha / Guru / Jupiter Bruhaspate Brihaspati N
308 Tiruvengadu Multiple Planet.Navagraha / Budha / Mercury Budhamaashrayaami Budha N
309 Tingalur Chandra Planet.Navagraha / Chandra / Moon Chandram bhaja Chandra N
310 To be found To be found Vishnu Daasharathe Vishnu N
311 To be found To be found Vishnu Deenabandho Rama Y
312 To be found To be found Devi Devi jagadeeshvari Devi N
313 To be found To be found Devi Devi manohari Devi N
314 Tiruvaiyyaru Multiple Devi Dharmasamvardhani Dharmasamvardhani N
315 Tirunallar Multiple Planet.Navagraha / Shani / Saturn Divaakara-tanujam Shani N
316 To be found To be found Devi Gaanalole Devi N
317 Tiruvarur Multiple Ganesha Gajaananaaya.namaste Ganesha N
318 Tiruvarur Multiple Ganesha Ganapate mahaamate Ganesha N
319 Tiruvarur Multiple Ganesha Ganaraajena Ganesha N
320 To be found To be found Ganesha Ganeshakumaara Ganesha N
321 To be found To be found Shiva Gaureeshaaya namaste Shiva N
322 To be found To be found Devi Gauri-giriraaja-kumaari Devi N
323 To be found To be found Devi Geetichakra-ratha-sthitaayai Devi N
324 To be found To be found Vishnu Gokarneshvara Vishnu N
325 To be found To be found Vishnu Gopaala.krishnaaya.namaste Krishna N
326 To be found To be found Vishnu Govardhana-gireesham Krishna N
327 To be found To be found Devi Guni-janaadi-nuta Devi N
328 To be found To be found Devi Guru-guha-bhavaantarangineem Devi N
329 To be found To be found Devi Hariyuvateem Lakshmi N
330 To be found To be found Ganesha Hastinavadanaaya Ganesha N
331 To be found To be found Ganesha Herambhaaya Ganesha N
332 To be found Maayaa Maayaa Hey maaye Maayaa N
333 To be found To be found Devi Himaachala-kumaareem Parvati N
334 To be found To be found Devi Hiranmayeem Devi N
335 To be found To be found Devi Ishaanaadi-shivaakaara-mañche Shivakameshvari N
336 To be found To be found Kumaara (Murugan) Jagadeesha-guruguha-harividhi-vinutam Kumaara (Murugan) Y
337 To be found To be found Devi Jagadeeshamanohari Devi N
338 To be found To be found Devi Jayati shivaa bhavaanee Parvati N
339 To be found To be found Shiva Kaameshvarena Kameshvara N
340 Kanchipuram Multiple Shiva Kaancheesham Ekamreshvara Y
341 To be found To be found Devi Kamalaasana-vandita-paadaabje Kamalamba N
342 To be found To be found Vishnu Krishnaananda Krishna N
343 To be found To be found Vishnu Kshitijaramanam Rama N
344 To be found To be found Kumaara (Murugan) Kumaara (Murugan)m Kumaara (Murugan) Y
345 To be found To be found Devi Lalitaa parameshvaree Lalitaa N
346 To be found To be found Lalitamba Lalitaambikaayai Lalitamba N
347 To be found To be found Devi Lalitambikam Lalitaa N
348 To be found To be found Ganesha Lambodaraaya namaste Ganesha N
349 To be found To be found Vishnu Maadhavo maam Vishnu N
350 To be found To be found Devi Maaruvakaadi maalini Devi N
351 To be found To be found Devi Maatangi sri raajaraajeshvari Devi N
352 To be found Maayaa Maayaa Maaye tvam yaahi Maayaa N
353 To be found To be found Shiva Mahaadevena Shiva N
354 Tiruvarur Multiple Ganesha Mahaaganapate paalayaashu Ganesha N
355 Tiruvarur Multiple Ganesha Mahaaganapatim manasaa smaraami Ganesha N
356 Tiruvarur Multiple Ganesha Mahaaganapatim vande Ganesha N
357 To be found To be found Devi Mahaalakshmi Mahalakshmi N
358 Kizhperumalpuram Ketu Planet.Navagraha / Ketu Mahaasuram Ketu N
359 To be found To be found Devi Mahatripurasundari Devi N
360 To be found To be found Devi Mahishaasuramardini Mahishasuramardini N
361 To be found To be found Vishnu Mamava Pattaabhi.raama Vishnu N
362 To be found To be found Devi Mangaladevate Devi N
363 Madurai Multiple Minakshi Mangalam jaya mangalam Minakshi N
364 To be found To be found Vishnu Matsyavatara Vishnu N
365 To be found Maayaa Maayaa Maye Citkale Maayaa N
367 To be found To be found Devi Mohananaata Devi N
368 To be found To be found Devi Namo Namaste Devi N
368 To be found To be found Vishnu Muraharena Vishnu N
369 To be found To be found Vishnu Nandhagopala Gopaala N
370 To be found To be found Vishnu Naraharim-aashrayaami Narasimha N
371 To be found To be found Devi Navaratnamaalineem Devi N
372 To be found To be found Devi Navaratnavilaasa Devi N
373 To be found To be found Vishnu Nilangam Vishnu N
374 To be found To be found Shiva Nishadhaadi Shiva N
375 To be found To be found Devi Paahimaam paarvati parameshvari Devi N
376 To be found To be found Devi Paalaya maam parameshvari Devi N
377 To be found To be found Devi Paamarajanapaalini paahi brhannaayaki Devi N
378 To be found To be found Shiva Paarvateepatim Shiva N
379 To be found To be found Devi Paarvateevarena Devi N
380 To be found To be found Devi Pahi Durge Devi Y
381 To be found To be found Devi Pahimam Janaki Devi Y
382 Tiruvarur Multiple Ganesha Pancha.maatanga.mukha.ganapatinaa Ganesha N
383 To be found To be found Vishnu Pankajamukha-shankara-hita Vishnu Y
384 To be found To be found Devi Paradevate bhakta pujite Devi N
385 To be found To be found Devi Paradevate bhava bhaktamodini Devi N
386 To be found To be found Devi Paradevate namaste Devi N
387 To be found To be found Kumaara (Murugan) Paramasivatmajam Kumaara (Murugan) N
388 To be found To be found Shiva Parameshvarena Shiva N
389 To be found To be found Hanuman Pavanaatma.aagachha Hanuman N
390 To be found To be found Hanuman Pavanaatmajam Hanuman N
391 To be found To be found Shiva Peetavarnam Shiva Y
392 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Poornachandrabimba Kamalaambaa N
393 To be found To be found Devi Pratyangiraa bhagavatim Kali N
394 To be found To be found Kumaara (Murugan) Puraharanandana Kumaara (Murugan) N
395 Mannargudi Vishnu Vishnu Raaja.gopaalam.bhajeham Raajagopaala N
396 To be found To be found Vishnu Raama-janaardana Vishnu Y
397 To be found To be found Hanuman Raama.chandra.bhaktam Hanuman N
398 To be found To be found Vishnu Raamachandraaya Vishnu N
398 To be found To be found Vishnu Raamachandraad-anyam Rama N
399 To be found To be found Vishnu Raamakrishnena Vishnu N
400 To be found To be found Vishnu Raame bharata-paalita-raajyamarpayami Vishnu N
401 To be found To be found Vishnu Rajivalochanam Vishnu Y
402 To be found To be found Ganesha Raktaganapatim Ganesha N
403 To be found To be found Vishnu Rama Rama kalikalushaviraama Vishnu N
404 To be found To be found Vishnu Ramachandram Rama N
405 To be found To be found Vishnu Ramachandram Rama Y
406 To be found To be found Vishnu Ramachandrasya Rama N
407 To be found To be found Vishnu Ramachandrena Rama N
408 Tiruvarur Multiple Tyagaraja Roopamu joochi (chouka varnam) Tyagaraja N
409 To be found Brahman Brahman Saadhujanachitta Brahman N
410 To be found To be found Kumaara (Murugan) Saadhujanavinutam Kumaara (Murugan) N
411 To be found To be found Devi Saamaganapriye Devi Y
412 To be found To be found Shiva Saamba.sadaashivaaya namaste Shiva N
413 To be found To be found Devi Saaranga.raaga.priye Devi N
414 To be found To be found Vishnu Saarasa.dala.nayana Vishnu N
415 To be found To be found Shiva Sadaashivam upaasmahe Sadashiva N
416 To be found To be found Shiva Sadaashivena Shiva N
417 To be found To be found Devi Sadaavinatasaadare Devi N
418 To be found To be found Devi Sadasiva Jaye Devi Y
419 To be found To be found Devi Sandhyaadeveem Sandhya N
420 To be found To be found Vishnu Santaana-saubhaagya Vishnu Y
421 To be found To be found Vishnu Santaana.gopaala.krishnam Krishna N
422 To be found To be found Vishnu Santatam govindaraajam Krishna Y
423 To be found To be found Devi Santatam pahimam Devi Y
424 To be found To be found Devi Sarasija.naabha.sodari Devi N
425 To be found To be found Devi Sarasvatee chaayaataranginee Sarasvati N
426 To be found To be found Devi Sarasvatee vidhiyuvatee Sarasvati N
427 To be found To be found Devi Sarasvatyaa bhagavatya Sarasvati N
428 To be found To be found Kumaara (Murugan) Saurasenesham Kumaara (Murugan) N
429 To be found To be found Kumaara (Murugan) Shadaanane Kumaara (Murugan) N
430 To be found To be found Devi Shailaraajakumari Devi N
431 To be found To be found Ganesha Shaktisahita Ganesha Y
432 To be found To be found Vishnu Shankha.chakra.gadaa.paaninam Vishnu N
433 To be found To be found Devi Sharaavatee.tata.vaasini Devi N
434 To be found To be found Devi Shauri-vidhinute Devi Y
435 Kathiramangalam Devi Devi Shri Dum Durge Vanadurgaa N
436 To be found To be found Ganesha Shri gananaatham bhaja re Ganesha N
437 To be found To be found Ganesha Shri ganeshaatparam Ganesha N
438 To be found To be found Kumaara (Murugan) Shri guruguha-moorte Kumaara (Murugan) N
439 Tiruvarur Multiple Devi Shri kamalaambike avaava Kamalaambaa N
440 To be found To be found Vishnu Shri krishno maam rakshatu Vishnu N
441 To be found To be found Vishnu Shri lakshmee.varaaham Vishnu N
442 Tiruvarur Multiple Ganesha Shri mahaaganapatir.avatu maam Ganesha N
443 To be found To be found Devi Shri mahaaraajni Devi N
444 To be found To be found Devi Shri raaja-raajeshvari.tripura.sundari Devi N
445 To be found To be found Devi Shri raajaraajesvari shree.rama.manohari Devi N
446 To be found To be found Vishnu Shri raamachandro Rama N
447 To be found To be found Vishnu Shri raamam Rama N
448 To be found To be found Devi Shri ramaa-sarasvatee-sevitaam Lalitaa N
449 To be found To be found Vishnu Shri ranganaathaaya Vishnu N
450 To be found To be found Shiva Shri saambashivam Sambashiva N
451 To be found To be found Devi Shri sarasvati namostute Devi N
452 To be found To be found Devi Shri shoolineem Kali N
453 Kanjanur Shukra Planet.Navagraha / Shukra / Venus Shri shukra-bhagavantam Shukra