Anupama C.N. (Class 10), Tarunya B. (Class 9), and Kavyashree G. ( Grade 9)

Sujana Vidhya Mandira, Veerasandra, Bengaluru

Cab aggregators like Uber and Ola have transformed the travel landscape in Bengaluru. They have made traveling easy and convenient for most of us. The Ola/Uber revolution has also also changed the lives of many drivers.

We have many cab drivers in our community . We were curious to know why they chose this profession and how it has changed their lives. We also wanted to know how do they plan their pick-up points across the cities.

For this, we interviewed 10 cab drivers and analyzed their responses.

We found that the sleep patterns of the drivers is not healthy. Hence we also created a basic awareness to the cab drivers and their families about how the drivers can maintain healthy lifestyle despite their busy schedule.

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