R. Neeraj Bharadwaaj.

7 th Grade, Cascade, Chennai

An environment with less pollution is a daily need for everybody. But do you know that Chennai city alone generates about 8200 tons of mixed garbage every day. This garbage is simply dumped and burnt in two major dump yards in the city – Pallikarani and Kodungaiur. This causes air, water, land, and visual pollution. This is a serious health hazard for the humans as well as for animals and plants that live close to the dump yard.

The solution for this  segregating our waste at source, composting of organic waste and refuse, reducing and reusing plastic products. If we practice waste segregation the amount of waste generated by each household will be greatly reduced (by up to 96.88%).

So I wanted to implement this in my neighborhood of seventy five families and wanted to know how many are willing to segregate their waste. So conducted a survey in the colony. Unfortunately, 60 families declined my survey for various reasons.

I thought that providing awareness would not work but showing a working model would work. I installed two bins in front of the colony and started to do composting in the colony. After my first yield of compost is done I will start to plant trees in the colony with the compost which will increase the green cover of the colony.


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