Adithya Swamyaar

Class 8, Delhi Public School, Bengaluru – South

As you know, IPL [Indian Premier League] is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India which are played every year, during April and May. In India the pre-monsoon season sets in during March. As April begins, it becomes hotter in most parts of the country. All the IPL locations except Bengaluru will have maximum temperature closed to 40 degree or even beyond that.

To avoid the intense daytime temperatures, IPL matches are played after sundown. Pre-Monsoon showers are, however, a risk. Each team represents an Indian state.

The matches are played in different stadiums. Some stadiums have installed solar panels on the top/roof for lighting the stadium. This reduces the carbon footprint of the stadium. I feel proud that Bengaluru’s Chinnaswamy Stadium is the world’s first solar powered cricket stadium.

The IPL gives ample opportunities to overseas players to showcase their talent. Many overseas IPL cricketers love coming to India, and playing cricket here because of the huge fan following. They also relish different kinds of food that they get here. Shane Watson once said that he is a big fan of Indian vegetarian dishes as there are lots of amazing options.

In this presentation, I will also show several more connection between IPL and Geography!!!


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