Accepted abstract, IGYS-2022

Author:  Kum. Isha G, Kum. Avani Tejus, Kum. Dhathri N

7th Standard, Vidyanjali Academy for Learning, Bengaluru

People say, “A good start continues with a good day!” In order for that to happen we are supposed to start it with something productive, but most of us often end up drinking a cup of coffee and expecting that to do the job.

We asked: “Are geography and coffee consumption correlated?”

We also sought to find out what people prefer? What time of the day do they prefer to drink?  Why do they prefer the specific beverage? Do south Indians prefer coffee over non-south Indians? To find out, we  interviewed people around us.

Most of them stated that coffee is good for our health, while some disagreed stating that more intake of coffee ruins our health. Many of them drink it twice a day. Our data reveal that these days, drinking coffee has become very common among the younger generations. We also found that consumption of coffee seems to correlate with people’s geographical location.

Karnataka is famous for coffee, it is a common commodity which is easily available.  On the other hand, in a state such as Rajasthan that is dominated by desert, they can’t grow their own coffee; they have to import it, making coffee a luxury. This is how their geography affects their coffee consumption.



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  1. Interesting inquiry indeed : cannot wait to hear more on the day of the Conference. Good luck; as a coffee enthusiast myself, I find this subject fascinating!

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