Accepted abstract, IGYS-2022

Authors:  Kum. Shreya Naithani, Kum. B. Srivarsha, Kum. Sudha Sanjibanee Biswal

9th Standard, Army Public School, Golconda, Hyderabad

We selected the topic veganism as it is gaining popularity abroad as well as in India.

Our research highlights people who understand what veganism actually is and how it is different from vegetarianism.

We have showcased the people belonging to different economic backgrounds whether they are aware about veganism or not and whether they will be able to afford a vegan lifestyle for a long duration of time  as some alternatives like soy milk, almond milk are costly .

There are some negative aspects to veganism as many people are being deprived of various nutrients like animal- based proteins and fats, calcium from milk-based products etc.

We interviewed 25 people in the Bandra area of Mumbai and 25 people in the Suncity area of Hyderabad. We applied the Likert scale method and assessed the awareness, preference and affordability of veganism in these metropolitan cities and compared their results.

Through google forms / personal interviews, we collected the data about preference of food, lifestyle choice and whether or not they are aware about veganism or whether they are willing to switch over to vegan lifestyle which is a choice adopted by many in other countries because of its environmental advantages.  We derived that the environmental concerns are a luxury only for the middle class or rich not the lower income people. We studied the extent to which veganism is an ethical/moral judgment on people who cannot afford it.


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