Noya Almira (Grade 9),  Syed Sufiyaan (Grade 8), and Meenakshi K (Grade 7)

Greenfield Public School

Today’s major problem in Bengaluru is water scarcity. This leads to large number of bore wells being dug. These bore wells in turn have started to take many innocent lives. Bores which yielded water and subsequently got depleted are left uncovered. Small children, without noticing the hole dug for the borewell, slip in and get trapped.

Human search for water has finally ended in disaster. Since the holes are too deep it is quite impossible to save life. The fire forces and medical team finds it difficult to rescue children.

We undertook a survey in our neighbourhood and found out the number of borewells dug, abandoned and left open. We also collected data regarding the laws that citizens need to obey. “I-am seriously looking into this issue because it has taken up an innocent life in my distant family”, says Meenakshi one of the authors of this presentation.

We visited Janagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy where we gathered information about the terms and conditions for sinking borewells. We shared this information with citizens of our neighbourhood.


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