Afreen Taj and Arbin Fathima.

Class 9. Crescent High School, Bengaluru.

In our locality, there is a girl who is living with her brother. Her work is hand-made embroidery. She has experience in the designs and her designs are beautiful, but the people of this generation don’t value that.

People prefer machine work because they feel ready-made clothes are more attractive.  However, hand embroidery has perfection.  People bargain for hand embroidery but spend thousands on ready-made clothes.

We want to understand why people bargain on hand embroidery, and which they find is better and why. People say that hand embroidery is difficult but is comfortable. Some people say that they want these clothes only for special occasions.

Most people said some interesting facts on hand work in our interviews. The clever entrepreneurs make use of hand embroidery and sell at huge prices, but they buy the hand embroidery for small amounts. Most hand embroiders have left this line of work because of this.

We want to increase awareness about the rights of embroidery workers. We want to tell people that machine work is better than hand embroidery and support them.


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