What I have gained …

  1. Scaling (this includes looking at things at a micro/macro perspective.
  2. Understanding how to use the three W questions. (where, when and why)
  3. The importance of interrelationships. (everything around us is linked to geography).
    It has changed the way I look at the subject of geography.
  4. Not being limited to what the textbook offers makes me think of different layers for any given concept. This would not have been possible without the guidance offered by the G.o.D sessions.
  5. My language skills have improved over time.
  6. Time management. (meeting deadlines)
  7. Analytical skills.(looking at data and figuring out the layers/connections between them)

I would definitely recommend G.o.D to any person who does not want to not get bound by exams or textbooks. You will be able to gain appreciation for the subject of geography while being part of an interesting journey. The wholesome approach By Dr Bala helps you to look beyond the boundaries of what you perceive as geography.

Pranav, student (from 2014–2019)

Three of the things I have gained: everything has a geographical side to it, Geography isn’t just maps and globes, and how to use information properly and in context.

After joining the G.o.D program, I have noticed myself questioning everything around me and trying to figure out why they exist, the way they exist.

I am able to communicate my point in a way that people can understand, much better than how I used to.
I have also gained knowledge in the theoretical aspects of geography.

Yes. I definitely would recommend G.o.D to my peers, because it helps people to widen their perspective and be able to think out of the box. These sessions help people to think more dynamically, rather than a very fixed and mechanical way of thinking.

Kanishk, student (from 2017–)

I’ve learnt a lot, it’s helped make my thought process clearer and made me more confident in speaking.

When I first started I felt pushed way out of my comfort zone and had no idea what I was doing, but now I feel more comfortable.

Manya, student (2017–2019)


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